David Flack, Founder & Principal

David founded his studio a decade ago, quickly achieving acclaim for an iconoclastic approach to interiors marked by material, formal and spatial experimentation. A three-time Architectural Digest ‘AD100’ laureate, he grew up in rural Australia, the son of a builder, and credits this background for an approach which despite its evident glamour is anchored in honesty, integrity, and clarity of vision. All qualities he imbues into a vibrant studio of architects, interior and product designers based in a former electro-plating workshop in Melbourne’s inner-city Fitzroy district.

Richard Blight, Principal

A Registered Architect (Victoria) of more than 20 years’ experience in the residential, institutional and commercial sectors, Richard began collaborating with Flack in 2016. As a director of the studio, he leads architectural conception, development and delivery from a first-principles perspective, establishing empirical foundations upon which to build beautifully resolved outcomes. For him, successful architecture is about facilitating the lives that happen within and around buildings, of all scales, uses and ambitions.

Samantha Barrow, General Manager

Samantha holds dual Bachelor degrees – in Commerce and in Fine Art – which grant her a unique perspective on both the business and creative aspects of Flack Studio. An experienced curator, strategist and gallery director, she sees her role as facilitating the designers’ focus on concrete outcomes while at the same time optimising client interaction with and experience of the studio. Samantha also spearhead the community engagement program – an integral component of Flack practice.

Linda Valentic, Associate

Linda holds a Master of Architecture degree as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Interior Design which together permit her a cross-disciplinary lens across Flack Studio projects of all scales. Moving readily between macro and micro perspectives, she approaches each project holistically to deliver outcomes of a compelling beauty.

Simone Skacej , Business Manager

Simone has worked alongside David Flack for fifteen years and was instrumental in the founding of Flack Studio a decade ago. Her financial acumen is offset by a family-oriented approach to the studio’s day-to-day operations, her commitment to community and industry an integral part of our success.