Rhonda Alexander Mentorship Program

Rhonda Alexander Mentorship program is an annual 6-day program curated and led by Flack Studio. Flack Studio will provide insights and tools to help 16 successful applicants the opportunity to achieve their design dreams. The applicants will come from all over Australia to take part in this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Rhonda Alexander was David Flack’s Art teacher and mentor, in a period where David felt like an outsider. Rhonda would open up the Art room during lunch periods, after school & weekends giving David a safe space to be. David attributes his success to this kind human and his family who allowed him every opportunity to see  the world his way. Rhonda passed in 2020 and we’re grateful for the opportunity to give back a little of what Rhonda generously gave. 

When is it:
16 – 21 October 2023

How to enter: Email – mentorship@flackstudio.com.au

What to submit:
Just tell us a story about yourself and the unique voice you have to add to the Australian Art, Design, Architectural & Interior communities

Applications close: 21st July 2023
Successful applicants will be notified: Early August 2023